February 28, 2021

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NFL Jersey Sales: Tua and Brady Lead The Way

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The NFL has decided to change some things; eight teams changed colors and uniforms, and even in uncertain economy jerseys are selling. The fans of their respective teams are always buying new gear. The top two selling jerseys right now are Tua Tagovailoa and Tom Brady. Tagovailoa is the most recent draft pick of the Miami Dolphins. He was the fifth overall pick in last month’s NFL Draft. There were many that thought the Dolphins might draft Justin Hubert. Tua wore number 13 at the University of Alabama. We all know that the number 13 is retired in Dolphin land. That, of course, belongs to Dan Marino. The other is Tom Brady. The GOAT has left the Patriots after being drafted by them. He decided during the offseason to head south and land in Tampa Bay. He got Rob Gronkowski to join him as a Buccaneer.

Tua Tagovailoa was one of the most dramatic players in college football.

The biggest issue with Tua is his injury while in college, and that is why many thought the Dolphins would go a different route. He comes to the Dolphins that ended their season on a high note by defeating their rivals the New England Patriots in week 17. That loss caused the Patriots to miss out on the two seed and a bye week in the playoffs. The Patriots lost to the Titans, and many believe that ended their dynasty. Tagovailoa will most likely back up Ryan Fitzpatrick for a while, but there is a bright future ahead for the Dolphins under Brian Flores.

Many are of a belief that if Tua stays healthy, he could have the same kind of impact Dan Marino had on the team. Let me say it now that I am not comparing the two players. Dan Marino was one the best at the quarterback position, but what I am saying is Tua could become that kind of player, and there is no doubt that Dolphins’ fans are hoping that he can be their next franchise quarterback. As I mentioned earlier, if they can keep him healthy, I believe he will likely become the franchise’s quarterback. Tua will wear the #1 on his jersey.

One of the biggest questions coming into the offseason was: “What was Tom Brady going to do?” 

Many people believed that Brady would just return to the New England Patriots, but instead, he surprised the world by signing a two-year contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Many Buccaneers‘ fans were so happy when it was announced, and it gave them hope! Fans are hoping that Brady’s talent and experience will help the Buccaneers bring the Bucs back to being a winning team. Brady wore #12 in New England for over two decades, and when he arrived in Tampa, Chris Godwin, who wore #12 since being drafted in 2017, willingly gave his number to Brady. When the Buccaneers revealed their new jerseys, many jumped right up and bought one. This season will be more than exciting as Tampa has a chance to become the first team in history to host a Super Bowl in their home stadium. Having Brady and Gronk on the team, who both have tons of postseason experience, Bucs fans are so full of hope it’s virtually bursting from the seams.

I am a Patriots and Buccaneers fan. Take that how you want to.

Many have asked me how I feel about Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski coming to the Buccaneers, and to me, it’s exciting! I think those two coming to Tampa will help a young team rise to the next level. One of the big reasons Brady left New England was due to a lack of weapons, so by coming to the Tampa Bay, he gets to throw to the best wide receiver duos, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin; who both had 1,000-yard seasons last year, and very talented group of tight ends. I will, personally, buy a Tom Brady jersey and wear it proudly.

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