May 18, 2021

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Murphy-Bunting: “The sky’s the limit for us and we’re going to do everything we possibly can to be great.”

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Tampa’s second year Gem speaks out in video conference:

For a team that seems like they draft multiple corner backs in every draft, being able to have not drafted one in 2020 speaks volumes. It took them long enough, but there is little doubt that the Bucs are set and secure at the position heading into the 2020 season. Recently, Sean Murphy-Bunting sat down for a video conference with the Bay Area Media and discussed the confidence gained from the corner-back-less recent draft.

“Confidence is a big thing as far as being a DB, and being a corner; especially, it lets us know that they have a lot of trust and belief in us as a young secondary, as a young group. The sky’s the limit for us, and we’re going to do everything we possibly can to be great. We definitely need more turnovers,” SMB said. “That’s what we need to make our secondary known for, creating turnovers and getting interceptions. We had a lot of plays where we were in position to make plays, and we didn’t, or we broke the pass up. Obviously, those things are always good, but at the end of the day, we all want to be great. And so turning some of those PBUs into interceptions and turning those interceptions into pick-sixes, makes a big difference in a game. It makes a big difference in a season. So that’s what we’re striving to do, create more turnovers and just be that savvy secondary that the Bucs should be known for.” – Per Scott Smith, Senior Writer, and Editor for

Best Draft since 1995?

(My personal opinion of course) Last season’s draft is one that I have compared to the 1995 draft, which brought the team two Hall of Famers in Sapp and Brooks. I believe the more recent one could be the franchise’s best draft yet to date with at least two, maybe three players, that if they stay relatively healthy could be hanging their helmets in Canton one day. It’s a given that the Bucs much-maligned secondary took a big step in the right direction last season. They hope to take that next step and turn it into a leap in 2020. Murphy-Bunting is going to do his best to make sure interceptions are a big part of it.

Hey, NFL! The Bucs are back!

The Buccaneers’ offense has become a facet of the game that teams have known to watch out for. When and if the season is played, the NFL will be put on notice that  tampa’s defense has returned to prominence, and will set the tone for games on both sides of the ball. Bucs’ Fans, this season, it’s going to be the team’s return to the top of the heap season. Take notice NFL! The Bucs are back. Go Bucs!!



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