May 9, 2021

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Winston: It’s not just about beating the Bucs twice a year, every year for the rest of my life

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It seems like these days, Jameis is looking for sound byte moments on the regular. His latest, a live telephone interview on the Rich Eisen show, Jameis was asked about his decision to go to the Saints and the NFC South as opposed to the Steelers and the AFC Central, and here is what Jameis had to say.

“Yes absolutely, and it’s not about just beating the Bucs twice a year, every year for the rest of my life it’s about being in that same division, being familiar with, uh, being in the NFC South and playing against Carolina, even though, they have a new coaching change and Atlanta. Being able to learn from a guy that’s going to be playing against similar things that I’ve been playing against. I think that’s an excellent opportunity.”

Where is the payback attitude coming from?

It’s pretty clear that Jameis thinks he owes the Bucs some kind of payback for not offering him a new contract. I often wonder, when I hear statements like that from him and his supporters if they were in a completely different city last season. Correct me if I’m wrong, last season, the Bucs exercised the option for year five on his Rookie Deal. It was said that it was to be a “prove it season”. Let me define “prove it” as it pertained to Jameis situation in Tampa in 2019. Winston’s biggest problem is interceptions, everyone knows this, so “prove it” refers to the interceptions; as in could he get that problem under control so that he could be trusted by the staff and organization. Trust is a fundamental, basic thing that you must have in the leader and the highest-paid player on the team.

Should have gone with SIRI

Knowing this, what did our star quarterback go out and do? He went out and removed all doubt by throwing more interceptions than any Bucs QB since Vinny Testaverde in 1988, six years before Jameis was even born. Think about that. Do you fully understand the impact that this caused? Apparently, Jameis does not. Had he gotten that problem under control, Brady Might be playing out west in San Diego or Las Vegas. Without a single doubt, Jameis would have made big money and received a long term deal right here in Tampa, and we wouldn’t be discussing this issue. It was all up to him and google apparently. Maybe had he gone with SIRI, she could have helped him; I don’t know. But, I do know that he put the Bucs in a very hard position, a no-win situation as far as Winston was concerned. They couldn’t keep him and call themselves any kind of organization with half a brain. The Glazer’s we know leaned toward keeping him anyway. However, Arians and Licht knew that it was time to say goodbye to the never ending project. That outcome is not on the organization it is squarely where it belongs – On the shoulders of Mr. Winston. 

Twice a year, every year, for life

Now, he wants to beat the Bucs twice a year, every year. It’s good to be competitive, but when it is being said so as to convey some sort of animosity to get back at your former team, it begs the question, “For what Jameis?” What did this team ever do to you to make you so poised for retribution? They went above and beyond patience, giving him many things to help him be successful, even though, some things they did not give him, but it’s rare any quarterback gets everything they want and need. You work with what you have. In the end, he had enough to be successful and could not.

Between the ears

 Chances are unless Brees goes down, Winston probably won’t be playing against Tampa. Which is probably a good thing for Sean Peyton and the rest of the Aints. Winston’s interception problems are between his ears, not the goalposts. One has a problem getting ahold of the idea that in a game that would be so emotional and cerebral for him that he could have less or no picks at all if he played. That just doesn’t ring true. My money would be on him having a disastrous afternoon against our Defense.

North, northwest, and fire

In a perfect world, Jameis would have just thanked the Bucs for being patient with him and affording him a very legitimate opportunity to become the best he could be and lead this team. He would have said he’s also very thankful for having a new scenery and coaches that will continue to help him in learning to control the problem. Then again, in a perfect world, he would have never have thrown 30 interceptions, and he’d have been here until he hung them up. The reality is that reward comes from results and results come from ability. When your ability is to be as bad as you are good, the whole thing breaks down, and you sign with a division rival. Another way to look at it is we have a man on the inside now. A player that divided fans, staff, teammates, the press, on and on. The closer we get to a Jameis Winston led Saints squad, the closer we are to the real Big Easy and a Divisional Crown. Point them north, northwest, and FIRE THE CANNONS!

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