May 9, 2021

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Image is Everything!

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I love art design! If I were famous, I’d definitely have my trademark logo. TB12 is really cool, in my opinion, and the way it looks is getting people to look at it! I think Tom Brady is very smart to jump on the “Tompa Bay” rights immediately, as he has, and it’s a great self-marketing move!

I’m really excited about the possibility of a playoff season! We as fans should be excited, isn’t that what we always should be? I feel that the Bucs did very well in the draft by filling areas of need. Tom does need a good offensive line in front of him, and maybe a quarterback who stays in the pocket more will help!

I recently purchased a G.O.A.T. decal for my car, and it looks really cool on my back window right next to Bucco Bruce and I have already ordered my Tom Brady home jersey and am waiting patiently for it to come!

Show off your Bucs gear in the comments!
And as always, Go Bucs!

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