May 9, 2021

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Buccaholics Takeover: Coming to an NFL city near you

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Last week, teams around the league released their schedules for the upcoming season. For some fans, it’s just a time to put up their predictions, other fans begin planning out tailgates, but for Bucs fans, it’s scheduling what is simply known as “Takeover”. With home game hospitality from groups like WhatTheBucBuccaneer Invasion/Leatherheads, along with others.

Every season, the Buccaholics greet Buccaneers fans from all over with such great hospitality. The yearly trips to Carolina, Atlanta, and New Orleans are always a must for fans to attend at least once, but there’s nothing like a Buccaholics Takeover. Last season witnessed a Takeover like no other as fans traveled with the team to places like Los Angeles, London, Seattle and Jacksonville within a 7-week road trip to cheer on their beloved Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Fans from all over gathered to create some memories as what is known as “Fan Family“.

This season will be quite different though due to the pandemic, as teams and fans could witness a season with no fans or fans to a limited capacity as there will probably continue to be a “social-distance” as fans could still be forced to abide by the six-foot rule. But that’s not stopping Buc fans and Buccaholics Matt Grisham(Colorado) and Mike “Mooky Bucs’ Tiss(Nevada) from planning “Takeovers” in their respected states as the Bucs travel to Denver on September 27th and Las Vegas October 25th to the brand new state of the art Allegiant Stadium.

Regardless of how things happen, you can still rest assured that the Takeovers will be well documented as the Buccaneers have recently garnered the spotlight since the signing of Tom Brady and trade for Rob Gronkowski while generating five Primetime games this upcoming season.

For more information on the Buccaholics or the upcoming Takeovers, follow the Buccaholics on FacebookTwitter, and Snapchat (Buccaholicsfam).

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