December 7, 2021

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Star Struck

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The Buccaneers. I’ve spoken to some people over the years here in West Michigan in regards to football. So many of those conversations proved to be annoying to me because some of them called my beloved Bucs “The Pirates?” When I told them that they are called the Buccaneers their response was: “Where are they from?”. When I told them Tampa, they responded with: “Where’s that?”

Now, however, I’ve been getting entirely different answers! I’ve heard, “Wow!” or “Unbelievable!”

All players on the team should respect Tom Brady and Gronk. They both have accomplished many great things in their profession. It was said by Teddy Bruschi, a former teammate, that players should not be star struck with Tom. I agree! In the beginning, it’s cool, but after that, get down to business! If our players stand around and watch him instead of being professional, this team will implode! All players on the team should be treated as important as the next as much as possible! If Tom Brady yells at a teammate, will they get mad and be distracted, or will they man up and allow the confrontation to grow them as a player?

The Bucs leadership needs to address this topic in some fashion so that, in my opinion, it doesn’t become an issue.

I love the attention that the city of Tampa is getting! This is very exciting from a fan’s perspective! Five primetime games definitely will put our team and city on the map!
I live in Lions country. Maybe I’ll be able to go to the Bucs/Liedowns game. We’ll see! But until then, Go Bucs!