May 9, 2021

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Greg McElroy thinks Ke’shawn Vaughn will be a star

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Image Credits: Jim Brown | USA TODAY Sports

My early doubts were unfounded

I must admit that I hadn’t really done my homework on Vaughn. Oh, I fiddled around for a little bit on a few sites concerning him, but I hadn’t really dove in deep with an open mind until a few days ago. It wasn’t how he had a bad offensive line at Vanderbilt, or how he played like crap against the Gators last season and got blown out 56 to nothing. This time, though, I went further and checked out what he did the year before last. In that game, Vaughn caught a 75-yard touchdown pass and had 56 rushing yards for a total of 131 from scrimmage. At the time of the catch, Vandy was up 14-7. Then, as I usually do, I go back to their high school days and do some poking around.

Vaughn rips it up in High School, a sign of things to come?

In his Junior year, Ke’Shawn Vaughn averaged 250.2 yards a game, finishing up with 2,052 yards for a whopping 11.2 yards per carry, and 29 touchdowns, and in his final year, he was voted the Gatorade player of the year for the State of Tennessee after throwing up 2,646 yards and 45 touchdowns which lead that team to the state semi-finals. Vaughn was also a sprinter on the track team. That is a load of talent this young man is carrying around. He may just be one of those guys, that for whatever the reason, he slipped through the cracks from college through the draft. I had my doubts, but I’ve definitely warmed up to the guy. He’s a gem waiting to shine.

Greg McElroy of the SEC Network called it before the draft.

Just recently, Greg McElroy of the SEC Network gave his thoughts on hidden gems out of the SEC at the NFL Draft. He didn’t waste any time jumping on Vaughn. Pointing out the Gator Game that I spoke of above, he believes had Vaughn not gotten hurt that game, that Vandy might have beaten Florida two seasons ago. McElroy went on to talk about how he was basically a man among boys in Nashville that when he hits the NFL, and with the talent around him – also very talented men – that he will shine for any team that takes him. He will finally be able to blossom like he did at times coming up.

Are you ready for some football?

Well, we know that team to be our Buccaneers, and it’s looking more and more like when they throw open the gate to the season, Vaughn will be leading the charge for the offense. Every draft there are players that are a lot better than the label they have been given. Licht seems to have a knack for identifying some of these players. Let’s hope he’s right on the mark with Vaughn. He sure does appear to have been. Even more so, I’m ready for some football!! GO Bucs!!

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