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Is Tom Brady The Michael Jordan of The NFL?

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image Credits: Tom Brady's Instagram.

Apples and oranges? To some degree, maybe they are, but in other ways, they are completely comparable.

Brady coming out of Michigan wasn’t expected to set the world on fire and was drafted as such, (199th overall | 2000 NFL Draft). Jordan, of course, had been a young phenom out of high school, chosen for the McDonalds High School All-America Team, and then committing to North Carolina and Dean Smith. No-one could have foreseen either reaching the greatness that was their reality. Each came out of nowhere, in that regard, to own the sport they played in. They both put forth the kind of drive, and intensity, as well as off-season regimens, to rise to the top of their sports worlds. Both will downplay, to some degree, the status they have obtained. Between them, they have 12 championships, Brady with six, and Jordan with two three-peats for six as well. The only major difference in the postseason between these two is that Jordan and the Bulls never lost a championship series, where Brady lost three Super Bowls out of the nine total the Patriots reached during his time there.

Both teams were the teams to beat during their dominant years

Should the three Super Bowl losses count against Brady when they are but one game, winner take all? As opposed to a series of games that define the NBA Finals? I think that it is a little different. For what it’s worth; by comparison, of Jordan’s 6 Series Finals, the Bulls lost the first game of the series twice. Both players led their teams to the apex. The Patriots and Bulls were both the teams to beat in their leagues most every year they competed.


“No-one could have foreseen either reaching the greatness that was their reality.”


Are they the G.O.A.T. of their sports?

Anytime you are looking to crown a player as the Greatest of All Time for their sport, you are going to find dissenters who swear their guy is the one. Whether it’s Joe Montana or Peyton Manning with Brady, LeBron James, or Koby Bryant with Jordan, there will always be an argument. The games are very different by comparison. There are 13 players with more NBA Titles than Jordan ever won; one of them, Bill Russell of Celtics fame has almost twice the titles as Jordan with 11. Brady, though, has no superior in the Titles dept. The Patriots are tied with the Steelers for the team lead in Titles, and Brady was leading the charge in all of them. The Steelers split them between Bradshaw with four and Big Ben with two for their total of 6.

Final analysis

In the final analysis, Brady is probably more solidly the G.O.A.T. in the NFL than Jordan is in the NBA. So are they comparable? Certainly, they are. Both were the absolute best player in their Leagues hands down. They both made it look easy to dominate and destroy the opposition on their way to an equal six championships. They are both held to a different level, and yet on the same level, they have both risen and fell. Jordan’s playing days have been in the rearview mirror for some time now, but Brady’s story is not yet complete. He has a pretty decent shot at another title before he hangs them up with the Buccaneers. Here’s hoping the Bucs can include themselves in Brady’s Championship Saga and add to our own!

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