February 26, 2021

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John Lynch: Still Making All of the Right Moves.

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Shanahan and Lynch: A formidable pair

On January 29th, 2017, John Lynch was introduced as the new General Manager of the San Francisco Forty-Niners. He joined Kyle Shanahan as the NFL’s newest Power duo, and naturally, they weren’t considered that at the time, but it only took a short three seasons for that wishful moniker to become a reality. I don’t think many Bucs fans had any doubt that John could be successful; however, happening as fast as it did, I’m sure not many had envisioned.

Sleeves rolled, right to work

The Dynamic Duo went to work straight away, ripping apart a team that had been spinning its wheels for a while. One of the biggest and important moves was made in October of 2017. The Niners obtained quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo from the Patriots, and he went on to win in his first five starts, earning him a $137.5 million deal, which at the time, the largest on an average-per-year basis contract in NFL history. That next season he went on to tear his ACL and missed most of 2018, resulting in the ‘Niners only winning four games. But that didn’t stop Shanahan and Lynch from continuing to build the team with the kind of players that fit their vision.

Draft picks, a trade, and some free agents

While Garoppolo was traded for; (Niners gave up a second-round pick), the draft brought in some key pieces, players like George Kittle, linebacker Fred Warner. During the 2019 NFL draft, they added Nick Bosa, wide receiver Deebo Samuel, linebacker Dre Greenlaw, and Free-agent acquisitions fullback Kyle Juszczyk, cornerback Richard Sherman, former Bucs linebacker Kwon Alexander and defensive end Dee Ford. The veteran acquisitions provided leadership and experience to the lineup. Forty-six of the 53 man roster has changed since the Duo took over the reins in San Fran. The two frontmen for the franchise clearly stamped their mark on this team.

Results all that really matter

Results have been pretty good for them, as they hang out in Miami to play a small game there this Sunday. Come kickoff there won’t be an empty seat in the house. No matter who you are pulling for in Super Bowl LIV, you have to be impressed by how far this team has come in almost no time at all. I’m thinking that in Arians’ 3rd season, the Bucs will not be far from what Lynch and Shanahan have done out west. Maybe I’m too much of a fan to believe anything else. What with the play of the defense having so much talent and showing so much promise this season. With two more draft classes before the beginning of Arians’ third year, I believe we will be ready for that next step ourselves, if not sooner. Go Bucs!!

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