July 27, 2021

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Not So Sowers in San Francisco

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Image Credits: Katie Sowers (Instagram)

John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan have made the San Francisco 49ers relevant again. It all starts with drafting and signing the right people. Their first big acquisitions were Jimmy Garoppolo, Richard Sherman, and Tevin Coleman. Lynch and Company would turn to the draft selecting Ohio State defensive end, Nick Bosa. Defensive Coordinator Robert Saleh is the genius behind the league’s best defense. The combination of Saleh’s defense and Shanahan’s offense is taking the league by storm. The 49ers are now making headlines for a different reason this year, offensive assistant Katie Sowers.

Katie Sowers has spent time with the Atlanta Falcons and San Francisco 49ers. What is the biggest prize for any player? Reaching and Winning the Super Bowl. Well, Coach Sowers is now the first female coach to have a chance at accomplishing that same goal. In the past decade, the door has now opened for female athletes and coaches. Sowers will continue to grow as an offensive assistant under Kyle Shanahan. She played for 8 years in the Women’s Football Alliance and has four years of experience in the NFL. Sowers is a true pioneer for female athletes everywhere. She gives hope to all the little girls that participate in the NFL’s punt, pass, and kick competition.

The NFL doesn’t get everything right, but I applaud them on this one. Who will be the next influential woman to grace an NFL field? Only time will tell, but for now, Coach Sowers will have all eyes on her for Super Bowl Sunday.

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