July 29, 2021

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Around the NFL: Sherman/Revis at it again

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Image Credit: Matt Kartozian | USA TODAY Sports

It wasn’t long after the 49ers beat the Packers to advance to Super Bowl LIV, former All-Pro corner Darrelle Revis was on Twitter taking shots at Richard Sherman…..AGAIN! If you have followed football longer than a day than you know that these two stars have been at it over the years as to who’s the best corner in the game.

Revis who tweeted speaking on Sherman’s “fear of getting beat in man to man coverage” after the game. Sherman responded in a savage way to continue the beef telling Revis,

“I would go in on this has been but I have a Super Bowl to prepare for. Enjoy the view from the couch. Your ninth year looked a lot different than this. Lmao”

The Twitter beef did continue with Revis attempting to put some stats out about his ninth season as he said “My 9th year I lead the entire league in turnovers. 5 Ints and 4 Fumble Recoveries.” Sherman’s response again was savage as he told Revis, “I get my hands on the football in the playoffs something you will never know anything about” while later stating Revis has “selective memory” while posting up a picture of Revis giving up a big play to Buffalo Bills receiver Marquis Goodwin.

Just to put things into perspective about what Revis’ ninth NFL season (2015) had looked like compared to Sherman’s ninth season(2019)

2015: Revis coming off his lone Super Bowl (XLIX) trip, which was a victory with the Patriots (ironically against Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks), and being named 2013 SN Comeback Player of the Year in his lone season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, was beginning his second stint with the New York Jets. Revis at the time already had 28 INTs and 3 TDs to go with his 131 passes defended.

Currently, in his ninth season, the former “Legion of Boom” member is preparing for his third Super Bowl in his career (Super Bowl XLVIII, XLIX w/ Seattle). During Sherman’s nine seasons in the NFL, he has the most interceptions (35) and passes defended (114) of any active player in the NFL. (In 14 playoff games, Sherman has not allowed a single touchdown while recording 12 pass deflections and 4 interceptions).


Below are some of the Fun back and forth between the two: