September 27, 2023

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Philip Rivers was set to come out of retirement last season if…….

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San Francisco had a QB plan in 2022

Bucs’ Fans that pay close attention to the rest of the league may already know this. The majority probably do not, so I thought I’d throw this out there. If nothing else, it is an interesting tidbit to file away. Coach Kyle Shanahan, in the last couple of days, confirmed the fact; that had the 49ers beaten the Eagles in last season’s NFC Championship Game, the team was set to bring in former Colt, and longtime Charger, Philip Rivers to lead the team into the Super Bowl matchup against the AFC Representative. In fact, that was the plan from early on in the 2022 season. The team had discussions with Rivers from the start, and he was receptive to the idea.

Would the 49ers have benched Purdy?

Had they beaten the Eagles, Rivers would have been added to the roster. Is it possible that the team would have started a quarterback that hadn’t played in two seasons, although; it is an 8 time Pro Bowler with 421 career touchdowns? My answer is: not a chance. Purdy would have been undefeated with a quarterback rating of 107.3 in the regular season. Benching a healthy Purdy would have gone against good common sense. The team probably would have still brought Rivers on board as a safety net. It’s not like they were having good luck at the position last season. File it under footnotes to last season. Go Bucs!!

Kyle Shanahan on Thursday, in response to being asked if Rivers would have been signed had they beaten the Eagles, “He was prepared to,” Shanahan said of Rivers’ signing. “Now, that’s stuff we talked about throughout the whole year. We would’ve had to see how that was for the Super Bowl, but that was the plan most of the year.” 

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