September 25, 2023

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NFL rule change at quarterback can only help on gameday

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Brock Purdy Sprans UCL in NFC Championship loss to the Eagles

Emergency Situation

The NFL ownership has voted to change a bylaw dealing with quarterbacks on game day. Teams can now dress three quarterbacks without losing an active roster position to accommodate it. The Bucs and most NFL teams only dress two quarterbacks on game day, saving an active roster spot for another position. During this past season’s NFC Title game in January, the 49er’s Brock Purdy tore his UCL in the opening series of the game. Josh Johnson came in to replace him, but in the third quarter suffered a concussion and had to leave the game. That forced Purdy to re-enter the game, but he was only able to manage two short passes the rest of the way. This seriously lessened the value of the game to everyone but Eagles fans. The Eagles crushed the 49ers handily 31-7. Had the rule been around then, the Eagles still would have probably won the game, but it would, though, have given the Niners more of a chance to come back, giving them a passing game. Something that they didn’t have when Johnson left the game for concussion protocol. The third quarterback would only be allowed to play if the first two were injured. So this is for a strictly emergency situation. Ownership surely got this one right. Go Bucs!!