June 7, 2023

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What’s Gerald Up To In Free Agency?

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Parting words from McCoy on his search for a new team

After being cut by the Bucs, McCoy had this to say about going to a contending team. “I want to win,” McCoy told ESPN’s, Josina Anderson. “I’m not worried about where I’m living. Wherever I got to go to win. … Everybody’s open.” Being the main cornerstone of the Bucs Defense for 9 years, and not experiencing any real success. McCoy is ready for a ring. Having made $100 million in his career, he’s ready for that next level of success.

Teams line up to make offers

He has reportedly already met with Cleveland, Baltimore on Wednesday, and Carolina on Thursday. So far no contract. Not sure exactly how much of a contender Carolina is, I thought his main goal was to find a definite contender. It appears that money is still very much a huge part of where he will end up signing.

My take

In my opinion, if You have made over $100 Million, and your career is coming to a close shortly. It just seems to me you go up to Foxboro, where the Patriots are in need of D-Line help but don’t have a huge amount of cap space to work with. You sign for 5 to 6 million, and you get to work on getting that ring. That’s just me though. He could return to the table with the Browns, and take less money as well and be in a great spot to have a shot at a ring, as it is reported that Cleveland is still interested.

Moving forward

He probably will meet with as many more teams as will have him in. The more teams involved, the more chances he has to get the most cash, as it appears to me that the money is still the biggest consideration of where he plays, and not getting a ring. So he can say whatever he wants to the media, his actions so far seem to be saying something different. McCoy could come back and take an offer from the Browns, or the Ravens. It’s all left to be seen, and we will watch, and keep you updated. Go Bucs!!