December 6, 2023

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NFL Screws The Fans Again

2 min read

It was 5AM before I went to the gym. I was waiting for the London game tickets to go on sale. They finally did.

The NFL sold two games in one package. The Bears vs the Raiders and the Panthers vs the Bucs. Sadly it was first come first serve.

Unfortunately, the majority of my fellow Bucs fans got what we call the circle of death. You know the circle where your computer is having trouble connecting? Yes that one, that’s what we got.

If you were on long enough, you could have tried refreshing it, but it did the same thing. Yes the NFL really dropped the ball on this.

What the NFL should have done is allotted the best tickets to both of the games to each team’s fans first, so that long-time season ticket holders, like myself, are able to have the option to purchase the best seats.

Now, we have to wait till June 27th for individual game tickets to go on sale. Hopefully, we don’t get screwed again! StubHub is the only other option for resale and I’ve seen some outrageous asking prices on there.

The NFL said they did this so scalpers couldn’t get them, well Roger, go on StubHub, the tickets on there don’t cost nearly what they are asking. You screwed the fans like you screwed former players with medical needs. Let me specify that my squad, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has no control of this game. My squad is always great to me and bent over backward for us, the fans. Maybe Roger Goodell could learn something from the Bucs Brass.

To the Bucs, I’m Scott Bradford. To Roger Goodell and the NFL front office, I’m my season ticket number, and therein lies the problem.

By the way, my son and I are going to London. We have a place to stay and airfare. The sad thing is, you have to do all of this before you purchased a game ticket. For that kind of trip, the longer you wait the more the price goes up.

I’ll get to see the game in London somehow, someway. But it shouldn’t be this hard for long-standing fans to get tickets.

Thanks, Roger, all the more reason you get booed when you speak.