December 4, 2023

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Roberto Aguayo: Can He Make It Back On An NFL Roster?

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How he came to Tampa

Jason Licht will always be remembered as the GM that drafted Devine White, as well as a possibly rejuvenated Jameis Winston. For all the great picks Licht has made.  His name will for eternity also be linked to an “Idiot Kicker” (P. Manning). A Special Idiot, a 2nd round Special Idiot. Probably the closest thing to a sure thing as far as kickers go, as there ever was. This Florida State Kicker was the most accurate kicker in NCAA History. The 2013 Lou Groza award winner for the Nations best kicker. Compiling a 69/78 in field goals, and nailing all 198 of his extra points in his 3 years in Tallahassee. Aguayo skipped his Senior year to enter the NFL Draft. Licht gave up a 3rd and 4th round picks to the Chiefs for their 2nd round pick in order to take the accurate kicking star with the 59th overall selection.

Rookie Season

Missing the first kick of the Preseason, although not known then, would become an Omen for what was to come. “He told Mirin Fader of Bleacher Report that he began doubting himself in a way he never did at Florida State and his confidence kept dwindling as he missed more kicks over the course of the season.”– Josh Alper, NBC Sports  Overwhelmed by doubt, and a case of the Yips. Aguayo was released by the Bucs after his rookie season. He had come full circle, coming in as an extremely accurate, and highly rated rookie. Then to falling flat on his face with no confidence, and being released all during that rookie season. He was out of the NFL, disgraced, a bust, a bomb.

Trying to get back

Last year, with his confidence back. He was kicking for the Chargers in Preseason, and made all 12 of his attempts, but was not retained. “I know I can get back,” Aguayo said. People are probably like: ‘Oh, he’s done. He can’t do it anymore.’ No. I did it at a high level in college. I never got a chance to show it again. I know I can. I’m hitting the ball well now. At the end of the day, it’s a matter of opportunity.”-Robert Aguayo per Josh Alper, NBC Sports. With his showing in the Preseason for San Diego last year. It would stand to reason that if he gets another chance, which I’m sure he will, his fortunes may come together for him this time. Wouldn’t that suck for Jason Licht, but after all, that’s a subplot that has been happening to the Bucs for many years. The player doesn’t make it here, goes elsewhere and the player makes good for the new team. But in some circumstances, this is not the case.

In Closing

Clearly, in College, he was a Stud Kicker, so the talent was there. I could fill up the rest of this page with names of players who were really talented in College but just couldn’t translate that talent into an NFL Reality. At this point, the odds are still against him. To his fortune, he more than likely will get one or two more chances to show his worth. Stay tuned.