June 5, 2023

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What We Can Expect From The Falcons Next Year

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One of the worst-kept secrets this offseason was that our former Head Coach Dirk Koetter and the Falcons were interested in a reunion. So no one was surprised when he was hired by the Falcons to be their Offensive Coordinator.

So now what should we expect? That’s an easy question to answer. Koetter loves the pass and hates the run as we all know from experience.

During his time in Atlanta, the Falcons averaged less than 100 rushing yards per game, and we’re still one of the top offenses based on their pass numbers.

During Koetter’s first year in Tampa, the Bucs averaged 135 rushing yards a game. The next 3 years we averaged well under 100.

With Koetter in Atlanta, we should expect a pass-heavy offense that will abandon the run when they fall behind.

We can’t ignore the weapons that Atlanta has in the passing game, but we all know that one-dimensional teams do not work in this league.

It seems that Koetter going to Atlanta will work out in the Bucs favor after all.

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