December 6, 2023

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Multiple Teams Are Interested in Kareem Hunt.

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*Opinion Editorial*

Multiple teams interested in former Chiefs’ RB Kareem Hunt, who now is expected to have a job ‘sooner rather late’, per source,” is what Adam Schefter recently Tweeted. But who are the interested parties?

In Schefter’s latest article on, he pointed out the connection between Bears HC Matt Nagy and the running back due to their ties at Kansas City during Hunt’s rookie season.

As for who the other teams are, only one can speculate who they might be. However, considering that Hunt’s recent altercation in a Cleveland hotel which landed him the assault charges that made KC decide to release him, many may shy away from signing the running back.

The investigation into his assault charges is believed to be wrapped up by March, meaning that he will likely become a large target during this year’s free agency.

I would like to think that Tampa would be interested in snagging this talented running back, especially if the charges are eventually dropped.

Bruce Arians did say that Jameis Winston needs a running back that can tear up yards and help the quarterback out. Le’Veon Bell’s name was hinted at. But, all things considered, if the charges were to be dropped, not only would hunt make the most sense, he would be a favorite of a large section of the Buccaneers fan base. Next question will be, “If the charges are dropped, how long will the NFL suspend Kareem Hunt?”

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