December 7, 2023

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Roger Goodell Can Overturn The Rams Win?

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It seems that the controversial no call on the pass interference committed by Robey Coleman of the Rams on Saints WR Tommylee Lewis can still be argued over in the NFL. According to an article written by CBS Sports reads as:

“Lingering with that game and the outcome is the NFL’s lack of a statement about the lack of a penalty. And lingering over that is a pretty insane and broad rule in the NFL rulebook that would allow NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, should he so choose, to reverse or reschedule the outcome of the game between the Saints and Rams. “

Goodell is the NFL’s Lex Luther in a lot of ways, so his role as the villain on either side by leaving the outcome of the game alone is fitting. He could remain indifferent and be the villain of the Saints, or he could be the villain of LA and force the NFC Championship to be replayed. Doing that would be a scheduling nightmare, however, forcing teams, the stadium, TV networks, and food venues to squeeze in at the last minute. That’s just scratching the surface the issues it would cause for the Rams and Saints to replay the Championship. Undoubtedly, if it happened, it would have to happen next Sunday, which would cause preparation issues for the Super Bowl scheduled in two weeks. It seems unlikely that they’ll replay the NFC Championship, but it’s a possibility.

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1 thought on “Roger Goodell Can Overturn The Rams Win?

  1. He should saints would have won that game there would have been 4 seconds left for the rams to do something I’m sure the outcome would have been different

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