December 4, 2023

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Brady’s Case For The Bucs Ring of Honor

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It’s been the topic of conversation since he “officially” announced his retirement on social media. Well, does he?

He only spent two years in Tampa Bay and started just 39 games going 29-10, including 5-1 in the playoffs. However, in those two seasons he took the Buccaneers to the playoffs and won a Super Bowl, additionally finishing tied with the Packers for the best regular season record in the NFL at 13-4.

But is that enough?

Let’s talk more numbers. He owns two of the top three highest passing yards in a season records in franchise history with 5,316 yards and 4,633 yards. He owns the top two highest passing touchdowns in a season records (43, 40) and its not even close. He’s 7th on the Bucs all-time passing yards list in just two seasons. He’s 2nd on the Bucs all-time passing touchdowns list in just two seasons. He has the second lowest INT% (1.8) of any starting quarterback in Bucs history, behind Jeff Garcia (1.4).

He has the highest TD% (6.2) of any starting quarterback in Bucs history. He has the highest completion percentage (66.7%) of any starting quarterback in Bucs history. He has the highest yards per game average (301.5) of any starting quarterback in Bucs history by more than 25 yards per game. And he has the highest QB rating (102.3) of any starting quarterback in Bucs history.

He’s one of only two Buccaneer QB’s to start AND win a Super Bowl. He led an offense that set new franchise records for most points in a season BOTH years. And lastly, but maybe most importantly, he changed the culture of this entire franchise in just two years.

He raised the bar.

He brought accountability to this team. He brought a winning attitude to this team; and he brought a championship work ethic to this team.

He is leaving a legacy with this franchise and it’s fan base that will be here for years to come. He raised the level of expectations for Bucs players AND Bucs fans alike. He did EXACTLY what he was brought here to do. Win. Not just win, but turn the losingest franchise in all of professional sports into winners. To turn Tampa Bay into Champa Bay. And that’s how he’s leaving it.

Tom Brady may have only played two seasons in a Buccaneers uniform, but what he did in those two seasons will have a lasting effect on this franchise, it’s fans AND this city for a long, long time.

So should Tom Brady be in the Bucs Ring of Honor?

I don’t know of anyone more deserving.