September 25, 2023

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Thank You, Tom!

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Well, we knew it wasn’t gonna last long. And now, it’s come to an end. After 22 seasons, Tom Brady has OFFICIALLY called it quits. In a 500-word statement released on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, Brady thanked everyone in the Buccaneers organization and the Tampa Bay fans for the last two years. So I wanted to take this opportunity to write a “thank you” of my own.

Dear Tom,

Thank you.

Thank you for helping make these last two seasons the most exciting and most successful in our franchise’s history.

Thank you for bringing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back into relevance.

Thank you for bringing Champa Bay a second (and almost third) Lombardi Trophy.

Thank you for being the kind of leader, competitor, player, man, husband, and father that all men should strive to be.

Thank you for giving Bucs fans so many unforgettable moments and memories over the last two seasons.

Thank you for allowing Buc Nation to be a small chapter in your amazing career.

Thank you for being a part of the Tampa Bay community, no matter how short-lived it may have been.

Thank you for allowing Bucs fans to witness your greatness in person.

Thank you for everything.

We all congratulate you on an unprecedented and unmatched career.

We all wish you and your family the very best in whatever the future holds for you.

And we all hope you enjoy your retirement because you have definitely earned it.

You are truly the GOAT.

Thanks again,

The Buc Nation Krewe