August 9, 2022

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Brady: Bucs fan “lost all of his leverage once he gave the ball away”

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Tom Brady Super Bowl LV/via

Tom Brady threw the 600th touchdown pass of his career to mike Evans. Evans then proceeded to hand the ball to a fan, later found out to be Byron Kennedy; neither of them aware of exactly what that the ball represented.

After being approached by representatives of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Byron Kennedy did return the ball and was compensated quite nicely for his troubles.

The Buccaneers gave the 29 year old 2 signed Tom Brady jerseys, a signed Tom Brady helmet, a signed pair of Mike Evans’ cleats from that game, $1,000 towards purchases at the team’s store, two tickets for the rest of the season, and next season, and a bitcoin currently worth $62,000. Not a bad haul for someone who woke up that morning with only thoughts of the Buccaneers bashing the Bears, considering that the estimated value of that football is speculated to be around half of a million dollars. Many are saying that the guy got duped.

The Ball is to be an NFT and available for auction at

Tom Brady recently joined Peyton Manning and Eli Manning during the Saints vs the Seahawks Monday Night Football game on ESPN with Peyton and ELI and discussed what had occurred.

Brady admitted that byron lost all of his leverage and should have held on it to a little bit longer.

“Byron realized he lost all of his leverage once he gave the ball away. He should’ve held it to get as much leverage as possible,” to which Peyton Manning replied, “Amature move. If he would’ve held it, he would’ve been sitting in the Tom Brady suite for the rest of the season. Amateur move on his part.”

Tom Brady did say that he feels that Byron got a pretty good deal and mentioned that he gave him a Bitcoin, which the value could later rise, possibly making things even.