September 17, 2021

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Peterson Wants In

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When you’re on top of the world, people gravitate towards you to see if they can also experience the view.

As world champions, the Buccaneers need to expect a lot of traffic headed their way. From rumors about player movement, smear stories to players openly campaigning to be part of a winning franchise. This is playing out now with Adrian Peterson, former feature back of the Minnesota Vikings, and other teams, as he journeys around the league.

Make no mistake; despite the still ongoing complete lack of respect given by the media and “experts”, many players and agents understand that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the most talented team in the league. Managed properly with the right players coming in to replace players leaving, could be set to enter a period of dominance.

Drafted in 2007, 7th overall by the Vikings, Peterson was the franchise back in Minnesota. Rookie of the year, NFL MVP, the guy was a true difference-maker in the game.

After 10 seasons in Minneapolis, Peterson has played on 4 teams in as many years. While still capable of playing the game, and certainly, his career deserved a ring, the Buccaneers are not a charity organization, and Peterson; just doesn’t have the ability to contribute in my opinion. It’s a nice thought but, does it make sense? For vet minimum? Maybe. After all, Shady McCoy does have two rings despite never playing a snap in a Super Bowl, so maybe, we do see AP in pewter?