May 9, 2021

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Should We Be Worried?

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Image Credits: AP Photo/Jason Behnken

After another not so good showing last night in Prime Time, our offensive line did NOT do what I had said that they needed to do.

Protecting the quarterback is vital in ANY offense. The QB needs to get and feel confident in the pocket; if he is ducking and running constantly it’s no wonder passes were off.

On the other side of the ball, I had said that we needed to pressure the opposing QB, we did NOT!
Both of my keys to Victory were just as I said, protect and pressure, but neither happened, and this caused our issues, in my opinion.

As far as needing to worry? I don’t think so. With no preseason, I feel we’re fortunate to be (7-4) because most teams have the same units coming back. We don’t. We added the GOAT, but even he needs time to grow in a new setting!

Way too many “fans” have the attitude when we win, “We’re going to the Super Bowl!” And then every time we lose, “We suck, Brady’s too old!”

Bla! Bla! Bla!

Real fans with knowledge of the game understand that in the NFL, as in life, things need time to develop. Some say, “Yea but look at so and so.” But, people need to stop trying to make the exception to the general rule!

If you look at the remaining schedule, you’ll see that after the Chiefs game, we have a schedule of beatable teams!

Some would insert, “But we can’t beat teams with winning records!” Yes, but easy teams are good practice as we head towards a playoff run, and this allows us to get our machine well oiled.

I’ll be totally honest; I’m concerned, but not worried!

We’ll be okay, and just making the playoffs will be a reward in and if itself! (Last playoff appearance 2007) – THAT’S (13) YEARS AGO!

Good grief, be happy that we have a team that is showing signs of a playoff heartbeat!
If we do upset the Chiefs, then the boo birds will be screaming, “Playoffs, we’re awesome!” If we lose, we’ll you know…

Hey! We’re (7-4) after (11) weeks, enjoy it! As always, Go Bucs

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