March 6, 2021

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Chiefs are a must win

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No argument that the Bucs 7-4 record feels like a 2-9. When they’re on, they’re amazing, but when they’re not? You might as well find another filler for 3-4 hours because the Bucs won’t make you feel good that day. No sugar coating: The Rams loss exposed the Bucs in a way worse than the Saints did. The play calling was questionable, the o-line was bad, the defense was oddly porous, and the secondary forgot how to tackle in a way that makes you wonder how they became pros in the first place. It was terrible.

So, on the heels of a loss that felt like it ended in a higher point margin than it did; what comes next? The players and the coaching staff would say, “On to the Chiefs.” So we’ll do just that. What does the Chiefs game mean going forward? Everything. If the Bucs have any hope of playoff contention, they must come away with a win against the Chiefs.

I can hear your question now:

“How does an AFC team help our playoff chances?”

Valid point. In the big scheme of things? Very little unless they beat the Saints and Falcons(which we all should really want). But the Chiefs are one of the most powerful and well-balanced teams in the league. The Buccaneers are the 53 slots on a roulette wheel, and you have no idea who’s going to stand out. The consensus among analysts is that the Buccaneers are the most inconsistent team in the league, and that’s hard to argue. They’re going to have to find a way to pull it together. The game planning, play calling, scheming, and teamwork is going to have to be spot-on in all 4 quarters, and it hasn’t been all season. But you know what? They’re capable. They’re just going to have to prove it to themselves and play at the level they know they can. Otherwise, it’ll be yet another year with stellar talent and nothing to show for it.

Buccaneers redemption game 11/29/20 at 4:25 pm. It’s time to make a statement.

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