September 27, 2023

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The Titanic hit a glacier, but Glazers hit us emotionally.

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Mike Evans via USA TODAY Sports

Do you know that classic rock banger “Money” by Pink Floyd? Then you are familiar with the lyric “I think I’ll buy me a football team”; that’s what we hope Jeffery Vinik is singing inside his office at Amalie Arena — that is because the Glazer family is doing “un-work” of their later father Malcolm, who bought the team from the estate of the cheapest owner in NFL history — that man was Hugh Culverhouse. It seems like the Family is practicing the same tactic when it comes to star wide receiver Mike Evans.

Sure, the Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers does the “discount double check”, but Evans has done the “hometown discount” numerous times. Although he got paid more money upfront with his renegotiations, it still helped the team when they were in need. So he sure should feel some type of way about not being locked in for life.

Jerry McGuire once said, “Show me the money!” And that’s what his agent kindly is requesting the Buccaneers to do — okay, forcibly, but it’s been long enough in the negotiations room. — it’s time to “Put up or shut up.” But with the frugalness of the Glazers family, it all but seems to be a lost cause.

Should Evans be allowed to leave the team, it will break the hearts of Tampa fans. Remember when John Lynch was given his walking papers? It would not be quite on that level, but you get an idea. Evans has put his all into this team since being drafted in 2014, and we understand that this is not falling on the shoulders of Jason Licht but on the purse of the Glazers, so “C’mon man!” pay Mike his money, or you’ll get “Mossed”.


Written by Erik Riggs