May 9, 2021

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Whose Down is it Anyway?

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers fall to the Chicago Bears, leaving many confused by what they were witnessing in the final ticks of regulation to outright anger for the one-point loss. However, it wasn’t exactly devastating to those who understood that the game was going to be a tough one. But then again, the faithful, who believe Brady is the second coming of Brad Johnson and would lead us to the promised land with a win after a win after a win while cruising to the postseason and ultimately a championship. So far, he had shown no reason to believe otherwise. Then came last night’s 4th quarter. The G.O.A.T fell apart.

Discombobulation on National Television.

After coming back to take a one-point lead in the 4th quarter, the Chicago Bears came back to take the lead away. Following that final field goal in which the Bears took the one-point lead, Brady and company just seemed like they absolutely could not get on the same page. From piss poor play calling in the final drives to forgetting what down it was to once again Tom Brady jogging off of the field in a show of poor sportsmanship by refusing to shake Nick Foles’ hand, the end of last night’s game was a complete cluster f***. Brady went from the Comeback Kid to JR Smith to Lebron James in 30 seconds.

It was a bad look from a good team.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers went from looking like a team that would continue rolling on with the wins and possibly going far in the playoffs to a team that showed glimpses of the past. The Buccaneers looked like a team that still has a lot of work to do. As for what was being seen during the team’s meltdown in the final moments of the Thursday Night contest, it makes one wonder if the Buccaneers are really ready for their first postseason in twenty-three years. 

Of course, Arians and company, along with Brady, who is the Comeback Kid, implementing a ton of Fix-A-Flat to the playbook during this long bye week, the Buccaneers should be back and up and running with a vengeance. Hopefully, in time for our home matchup against the undefeated Green Bay Packers.


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