March 1, 2021

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Brady’s Post-Game Handshaking was Disturbing

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With all of the precautions the Bucs Brass & NFL are supposedly taking to minimize the spread of the Corona Virus, it was disturbing to me to see Tom Brady and other players shaking hands without wearing gloves or masks after the game Sunday between the Bucs and L.A. Chargers.

Yes, I know they tackled and touched each other all game. But maybe help curb the virus during the postgame better? I know the NFL stopped players from exchanging jerseys postgame (at least in public on camera).

These guys are not invincible. Brady didn’t wear a glove while playing in the game, but sure should’ve put some on for the post-game handshakes with the Chargers.

Maybe put on a mask too?

I’m all for sportsmanship and greeting the opposing team upon game’s end, but there really should be some sort of precaution taken. I saw Brady shake at least 10 different Chargers players’ hands. Some man hugs too. Tommy wasn’t wearing a glove or mask. Most other players still had their gloves on during the postgame, at least what I saw on the telecast. I didn’t see hardly anyone wearing masks during the postgame handshakes.

Maybe the NFL should initiate a new rule for post-game intermingling on the field. Or, maybe I’m just being too cautious because I personally have an existing health condition, which makes me do what I can not to catch it or pass it if I don’t show any obvious symptoms. I’m no doctor and am not trying to be a medical expert to any degree.

Two NFL games have already been postponed, which isn’t too bad when you look at the scope of games actually being played on time. Tonight we have two Monday Night Football games. I love that! It’s sad that people got sick. But great, we get to watch two MNF games.

Most of the fans I saw on TV at the Bucs game seemed to abide by the rules. Most wore masks. I wonder if that’s an NFL rule or a city/county/state rule for Raymond James Stadium or both? With that being said – players need to do everything they can not to get the virus. I would hate for our beloved Bucs to have any players testing positive, or any players on any team, in any of the professional sports for that matter.

The bubble seemed to work in the NBA and NHL. The MLB is beginning its playoffs tonight, which is in a bubble for the remainder of baseball’s post-season.

I sure hope we don’t see any more NFL games postponed, or worse, canceled. These are human beings in the same situation as everyone else. They’re not superheroes. They’re not invincible. They put their pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us who have two legs.

If Tommy gets COVID and isn’t able to play I will be one pissed off Bucs fan for damn sure! Just saying. Oh, and remember, Cam Newton tested positive, and he’s apparently Superman! Soooooooo lol


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