February 25, 2021

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After the game on Sunday, I went through comments on some Bucs pages. As I read through, I commented on three or four.

I am embarrassed by most of our fan base! The lack of football knowledge seems to have been replaced by whiny, little fifth-graders mad because they didn’t get their cookies at nap time!

I hate writing an article like this, but REALLY? It’s the first game out of sixteen games, and the team hasn’t played together much.

The Saints actually didn’t look too impressive to me. But the Bucs played some very sloppy and undisciplined, along with stupid penalties, which caused this loss to happen.

As the season progresses I will expect to see more cohesiveness. But give this team a chance!

I try to be as optimistic as I can, and I’m sick of losing just as much as the next guy, but comments from Bucs “fans” saying that Brady “was never great,” or “I knew he was overrated” I mean, come on! How ignorant can you be to say that of any QB with SIX SUPER BOWL victories in NINE appearances? Dan Marino is still considered an elite QB, and he appeared in only one Super Bowl and didn’t win it! So knock it off, and quit making yourself look ignorant.

This was going to be more about our possibilities for improvement, but after reading all of the stupid comments, I just had to write on this topic.

The comments we’re basically depicting the team to be like the Hindenburg, on fire, and disintegrating! I mean, good grief! Freak out much?
Social media has given voice to the voiceless, and that is great! But it also has opened the pit of stupid and unleashed some really crazy people, who feel the need to live in negativity!

I understand being frustrated because I was, too, but getting on social media and “expressing” your opinions; shouldn’t be at this level of ignorance and stupidity.
Let’s give our guys a chance to settle in, get perspective, etc. Encourage them and other fans! Try to enjoy life and remember, it’s a game for us fans, a pastime.

I will call a victory for next week against the Panthers, 31-17 Bucs! The offensive line will do better and open up our running game!

As always, GO BUCS!

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