April 18, 2021

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Thursday night’s game is over, and truth be told, every team in NFL history has had a game like that. Now that I’ve recovered from the loss, I can begin looking forward to the next game. Unfortunately for us, I feel really bad about our next opponent, especially with key players missing from our roster! Penalties are killing us, and we need to overcome bad calls by the refs too! These kinds of crappy calls can destroy the mentality of the players and ruin the flow of the game. Also, the Guys need to catch passes that are right in their hands! The receivers also need to run better routes and get better separation!

Last week’s loss was a very difficult pill to swallow. I felt we needed to be (4-1) going into the Packers game so that if we lose to them, our record would have been (4-2), and we would have been ahead of the game, but now if we lose, we’re at .500, and that stinks! I also feel that the play calling is lacking; it is too predictable. Brady should have audibled out of the running play when the defense has the line stacked. Why run directly into an obvious blitz? Use play action on first down after running so much on first. It seems as though we’re constantly in a third-down obvious passing down. The plays we run should set up other plays. They should mix it up a little better and at least try to fool the other team’s defense. I have been telling my family before every play what we were going to do. If I can do this, don’t you think for a minute the opposing team’s defensive coordinator can’t!

The Packers are a well-rounded team, and we need to make Aaron Rodgers uncomfortable in the pocket! Pressure, pressure, pressure! Get after him!

Honestly, I don’t believe we’ll win. I, however, will be rooting for our team just, like any other game! Limit penalties and stay away from turnovers, and we’ll have a chance! As always, Go Bucs!

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