May 5, 2021

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Is the season sliding away before it even starts?

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Strange, and trying times indeed

It seems like just a week, or so ago, the feeling felt like the season was a for sure thing. Training Camp dates were set, and players began showing up to prepare for the 2020 season. Hold on, not so fast. We are slowly and stubbornly learning that what is so one day, could be something altogether different the next. Don’t wear masks, wait, on second thought, wear them; it’s just one of the changes we have all had to face. There was one thing that we all needed to be there, and that is NFL Football 2020. After all, the Bucs committed 50 million to Tom Brady for two seasons, with the first season having the Super Bowl in Tampa and a chance to do what no other team has yet to accomplish. Host a Super Bowl in their home stadium.

Tampa’s Super Bowl game?

It is not yet known what will happen in regards to that Super Bowl in Tampa if the season were to be canceled due to players opting out. Would the league push the awarded Super Bowl city hosting ahead a year, or would the league move on to the next city? That decision gets sticky because of the money already spent to promote and schedule events around the cities awarded dates. These are uncharted waters for the NFL. So there’s nothing to defer to really. What we do and don’t know so far, can be found here.

Would take NFL players leaving en-mass to call the season

Another aspect of the season being played would be that I imagine that the league and fans would like to see most of their team’s regular players involved, especially team stars. There have been quite a few players that have said they will not play due to the pandemic. So far, there haven’t been any big names out there aside from Damien Williams of the Chiefs, Devin Funchess of the Packers, and Marquis Goodwin of the Eagles, the rest while may be important to their teams, are not household names. You can find the entire list here.

MLB ‘s Marlins have been shuttered with an outbreak

Worries over the Miami Marlins COVID Den and the recent news that two staffers from the Philadelphia Phillies have tested positives have stoked fears that the NFL will drop the curtain. Folks, don’t be alarmed. None of the sports leagues that are going ahead with their seasons have any false expectations. They all are aware that a few, or even more could have some outbreaks. That is the cost of moving forward, and they were all aware of that possibility. No reason to call a season when that possibility was already considered. Why would they even start if they were going to call it a wrap the moment a team was compromised by Covid-19?

Not going to happen so far

So don’t get all wrapped up in disappointment just yet. It’s going to have to get a lot worse, or NFL players start dropping out en-mass before the season would be canceled. You have to realize the devastation to the owners, league, and Television stations that carry the games in order to appreciate what it would take to call the season off. While it always remains a possibility, my thinking is that anything that has happened so far isn’t sufficient cause to shut her down.


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