April 18, 2021

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Tristan Wirfs: “Mr. Nice Guy”?

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Image Credits: Rebecca F. Miller | The Gazette

I’m very excited to see Tristan Wirfs play for the Bucs! I really like his attitude about being a nice guy in between plays, as well as off the field, but being a road grader during the plays.

On Twitter, Carmen Vitali touched a little on Wirfs’ persona: Wirfs on his ‘nice’ factor and how that affects his play on the field: She quotes Wirfs as saying, “I’m just not a mean guy. If you can put a defender on his back and then help him up with a smile on your face, that’s going to frustrate him more than trash-talking the whole game.” That reminds me of a scene from the movie The Blind Side.


Gerald McCoy, when he was a Buc was also known and criticized by Bucs fans for being a nice guy, made a comment about Wirfs’ words. McCoy wrote this on Twitter, “I hope the kid is dominant! Be nice after the whistle and off the field! Destroy everything moving in between the whistle. Good for him”!

To those Bucs, fans who criticized McCoy, can y’all not do that to Wirfs? That would be great! Let’s just wish the very best for him and for the kid to have a long and successful career. Go Bucs!





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