January 25, 2021

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Just our Luck!!!

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Image Credits: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs have been trying to get back to the big game since 2002.

To say the Buccaneers have had a bit of a dry-spell when it comes to the playoffs is like saying Superman has a bit of a problem when it comes to Kryptonite. Since 2002, the Bucs have been to two playoff games. They squeaked into the playoffs as a wild card team in 2005 and 2007, both times they lost. For the next 13 years, this team has been trying to find its way, trying to find it’s franchise quarterback, a franchise running back, and to rebuild the defense to former glory.

Licht finally puts together a possible Champion.

Enter Jason Licht, and slowly, but surely, his draft prowess in picks has been piling up and laying a foundation for a super solid football team. Truly, one of the major things the team had been missing was a quarterback that could be trusted with the football. Hopes were that Jameis Winston would be that guy, that he could finally break the Jinx on wasted draft picks searching for “the man” to lead this team. After five seasons, his last being a make or break season, he proved once and for all in the London game against the Panthers that he absolutely was not “the man” to fill that role.

The last pieces come together.

Then Brady and the Patriots parted ways, and Brady reached out to the Bucs and let them know he had an interest in Tampa being his landing spot. Nobody could have been happier to hear that than Bruce “Almighty” Arians. Now, here was a man that could be trusted with a football. G.O.A.T. Style. 

The Bucs’ struggles over the years have been well-documented.

It seems that other than the buildup to their first Championship in 2002, not much has gone this team’s way. Luck has been elusive for Tampa’s pride and joy.

Ready to challenge for a title again.

Finally, this team has the talent to not just make the playoffs but to make bigger waves and sail right into Super Bowl Harbor. This situation came with a huge bonus. The Super Bowl will be played right here in our laps in 2021 for the 2020 season, and that gives the Bucs a chance to do what no other team has ever done; to be the hosting team for the Big Game. After signing Brady and Gronkowski, the anticipation for this season shot through the roof. A home team for the Super Bowl. What a dangling carrot that turned out to be? Add what we had to what we acquired in Free Agency, then another fantastic draft, and the Bucs are loaded. The defense may just be better than the defense of 2002. It remains to be seen, but the signs are there.

Not so fast!

Then it happened. A new virus (Covid-19) infected a bat then was caught by an unknown animal and then passed on to humans. It then caught on quick and turned into the current Pandemic that we are mired in. It appears that the season is going to take place, but with social distancing and face masks required. The attendance for these games is going to be limited at best and no attendance at worst. It’s also impossible to say what the game-plan regarding attendance would be for this season’s Super Bowl. Isn’t it just our luck though that out of nowhere a Pandemic sweeps the planet earth, and is liable to take away some of the glory that if the Bucs can make it to the big game would be enjoyed upon a win or even a loss? Of all the things that could dampen a huge season for the Bucs, who could have imagined this? Just our luck, Go Bucs!!



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