March 1, 2021

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The NFLPA is not in agreement over removal of two preseason games

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Image Credits: Matthew Emmons | USA TODAY Sports

There were earlier reports that the NFL has decided to cut the 2020 preseason in half amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, resulting in only two games being played prior to the start of the season; however, the NFLPA has not signed off on the decision, and may possibly want all four preseason games removed.

Despite the NFLPA’s disapproval of the league’s decision, the league may strike the two games, if they wish and without the NFLPA’s approval. The NFLPA’s concern is for players being exposed in games that do not count towards their record, and that is completely understandable. Players are not wanting to risk exposure to COVID-19 while playing in games that do not count towards their record. Most highly-paid star players do not even play, but a few reps, if any, in the preseason and many skipping the preseason altogether, have become normal.

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