June 25, 2021

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Not All That Glitters is Gold

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Training camp is right around the corner and expected to start on time, and as July 28th quickly approaches, the lack of news stirs up a bunch of RUMORS. The latest one brings up Antonio Brown and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, again. Is it a thing or not? As of right now, the word on the street is NO! Currently, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers do not have an interest in signing Antonio Brown. The rumor certainly has fans on the fence. On one side, fans want to keep Brown as far away from the Buccaneers locker room, and on the other, fans believe that signing him would ensure that the Buccaneers would have arguably the best receiving corps in the history of the franchise; maybe even the League. While there is no question that Antonio Brown is talented, the problem lies within his state of mind. Brown certainly had shown over the past few years that he can be extremely eccentric, and that rubs many the wrong way.

Antonio Brown has the right to get better: Brown is serious about a return to the National Football League, and his actions definitely speak louder than his words. He has been working out with Tom Brady, and Brady likes him, so there is a connection to Tampa in that regard. But in addition to working out with Brady, Deion Sanders was on hand during the works outs as his quarterback son Shedeur was getting tips from the G.O.A.T.; this resulted in Prime Time being able to sit down with Brown and hand down some guidance. As seen in the video on Bleacher Report, Deion Sanders gave Brown a bit of wisdom he gained from his own personal life experiences:

“I was suicidal, dog. I almost did that thing,” Sanders said on the Bleacher Report video. “I tried to do that thing because I couldn’t handle that. I got to an emotional low, a devastation of personal things going on, and I couldn’t handle it. I’m glad and thankful you ain’t never tried to check out.”

Being in the spotlight can take it’s toll on any human being as we have seen throughout history and luckily, Brown has people around him that have been through the highs and the lows, and are now in a position to help. Will that be enough to change the minds of naysayers and allow them to open their hearts and accept Antonio Brown? Probably not, but would it even matter?

Stacked at Receiver?

The Buccaneers have arguably the best wide receiver duos in the league in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin; add in Cameron BrateO.J. Howard, and Rob Gronkowski and we seem pretty set with player makers. But there is a question of who is going to play the third wide receiver spot? The Buccaneers drafted Tyler Johnson in this year’s Draft, and Justin Watson and Scotty Miller are also guys to keep your eyes on. There is stiff competition for that third spot, but none of them have yet to show that they are even on Brown’s level. Brown would add that extra threat on the offense and most definitely has the skill to be dangerous, plus Brady really likes him, but would Brown be willing to play 3rd? I just don’t see Evans, or Godwin, being bumped. We all know that this is now the Tompa Bay Buccaneers and what Brady wants, you can bet Brady will get. Is Brown really in the cards? Maybe. I just don’t think we need him. However, with our salary cap sitting at an estimated $5,113,959, according to Sporttrac.com, signing Brown could be feasible. The Bucs are all in on a win-it-all-now mentality, and this offseason has proven that; but does Brown even want to come to Tampa? Heck, guess you can say that everyone does, now that Brady is here, but Jerry Rice said earlier this year that Antonio Brown told him, he wanted to play for the 49ers.

Antonio Brown and the 49ers: Back in January, Jerry Rice and Antonio Brown spent some time together talking about the game and other various things. Rice later told 95.7 The Game, KGMZ-FM is a sports radio station into San Francisco and the surrounding area that Brown wants to play for the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers recently suffered a blow when Deebo Samuel broke his foot during a throwing session with teammates back in early to mid-June and underwent surgery to repair the issue. Although it’s being suggested that Samuel will only miss a best-case-scenario few months and despite the team having 12 or more receivers on hand and being seemingly set at the position with pass catchers like Brandon AiyukKendrick BourneDante Pettis, and Jalen Hurds, the 49ers do have an estimated $11,957,942 in the bank according to sporttrac.com. Considering they are in the same boat as the Buccaneers with having guys on the roster that can catch and run, I would keep my eye on the 49ers as a possible landing spot for Antonio Brown. But I would also keep my eyes out on the Ravens and the Seahawks.

Will Antonio Brown even be able to play in 2020?

Well, will anyone even be able to play? Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, and, not insight any more fear from virus outbreaks, there is a new virus coming out of China that could have worldwide implications as well, G4 EA H1N1. The NFL is, of course, moving along as best as they can, and we should have a season. But with so many unknowns, the future of football this season is still, well, unknown. Back to the topic at hand. Brown has several issues; a sexual assault lawsuit and an incident at his home in which a truck driver was allegedly assaulted, follow him in his possible return to the NFL. Brown has pleaded no contest to the battery charges, but are teams willing to bring him on board with so much baggage, and could he be suspended by Roger Goodell?

Many of us have a past: I believe, in most situations, that people deserve a second chance, and the fact that Antonio Brown is seeking help for what ails him is a sign of maturing. So, I would give him a try if he continues in his quest to get better. Whether or not that is enough for the Buccaneers to consider signing Brown, is a question no one but the team can answer. But I would give him a chance, keeping in mind that he has the right people in his corner and is looking for help. Will that change the mind of Bruce Arians, who said back in March of this year that Brown was not a fit for the team or the locker room and that it would probably not happen? But again, if Brady wants him bad enough, Arians may reconsider the fit. With the Buccaneers banking the farm on a Super Bowl, what is adding another super talent? It’s a Bonus! 



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