April 22, 2021

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Peyton Manning surprised by Brady’s move to Tampa Bay

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Hall of Fame member Peyton Manning chimes in on his friend Tom Brady

ESPN recently spoke to Peyton Manning on “SportsCenter” about his signing with the Buccaneers this off-season. He had this to say.

“Well, that was interesting,” Manning said Sunday on ESPN’s “SportsCenter.” “I’m a little surprised he jumped over to the NFC. I always see Tom Brady as an AFC guy, so he’s going to have to go through initiation to learn the ropes of the NFC.”

Manning was an AFC Lifer

Manning, who spent his entire career in the AFC with the Colts and Broncos, won a Super-Bowl with both teams. He is the only quarterback to accomplish this feat. If Brady were to win one in Tampa, not only would he join Peyton Manning in that stat, he would create another first in becoming the only quarterback to win Super-Bowls in both conferences. Something Manning did not do. Manning went on to add this to the NFC slant on things.

“Tom’s going down to get coached by guys that I’m very familiar with, guys that know football, that love football,” Manning said. “Everybody knows how hard he’s going to work.” “He’s got a tough division,” Manning said. “I don’t think the Saints and the Falcons and the Panthers are going to just let the Bucs roll into town, so it should make for some interesting divisional games and matchups.”

NFC South is becoming an elite division to some degree

Manning said that he has not spoken to Brady specifically about the move, but that he has talked to him since the signing and that “He seems happy, he seems excited.” said Manning. He’s certainly right about one thing, the NFC South is a tough division, and nobody’s going to just lay down and let the Bucs come sailing in for the division crown. They are going to have to battle it out at a very high level of play to take the crown from the Saints. They are also looking very strong after bowing out last year in their opening playoff game.

This country needs its favorite distraction like never before

Nobody ever said this was going to be easy, but with the moves the Bucs have made, it should now be easier than before. It’s an uphill climb to the Playoffs and beyond. Let’s all cross our fingers that the NFL can soon get back to some form of normalcy this season. That is a distraction this country could sorely use after some of the strangest times of any of our lives. We need something to hold onto, something that says it’s going to be alright and that the end of this thing is coming, at least in sight. Like never before, this country needs it’s NFL Football, and we need our Bucs!!

All quotes per ESPN SportsCenter

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