September 17, 2021

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Bruce Arians’ Noncommittal on Winston’s Future W/ Team?

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Photo By: Trevor Ruszkowski | USA TODAY Sports

Slow your roll guys, or should I say, “slow your spin”?

According to Jenna Lane and those who copy cat her, when Bruce Arians was asked whether or not the owners have asked for an evaluation of Jameis Winston this week, he responded unseasonably,

“I’m gonna pass on that one. I’m gonna wait until December. There’s been really, really, really good and there’s been some really, really bad. I’m gonna pass until it’s over, and then we’ll make a decision.”

Does that mean that the same man who recently stated that Winston was more than likely to be here in 2020, is suddenly not committing to his quarterback? The quarterback that he stood fast by when the world was throwing him under the bus for turnovers? The same Bruce Arians who admitted that he didn’t miss coaching that much, but actually came out of retirement for? Spin away fellow media, spin away!

What we know:

Bruce Arians will wait until the end of the season before making a decision, but he has thrown hints all year long that Winston is the guy. So, it’s not that  Arians is noncommital, it’s just that he is not commenting on it right now. Also, we know that there has been a new contract in the works for Jameis Winston for a little while now. We also know that Jason Licht could find himself unemployed at the end of the season. Everything we just told you is dependant upon how the rest of this season finishes out. However, there is one certainty amongst all of the known unknowns, and that is that Team Glazer is done with investing in losing. This could turn out to be one very interesting offseason.
The real headline should be: Are the Glazers committed to Winston and Licht?

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