July 29, 2021

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Playoffs are an option in 2019!

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As the final 4 game stretch of the 2019 winds down, some teams are already planning for the post-season, while some are just trying to make it to next season. There are a few in both the NFC and AFC who can sneak in via wildcard, and for the first time in years, the Bucs could be one of those teams.

Scenario: Win 4, Vikings lose 4

As obscene as that sounds, it is a very true scenario. The Bucs (5-7) final 4 games are against Indianapolis (6-6), at Detroit (3-8-1), Houston (8-4), and close out the season when they host Atlanta (3-9).

The Bucs currently hold the 9th seed in the NFC and hold the tie-breaker against Philly due to having a better winning percentage in our division (Bucs 2-3 Philly 1-1).

The Vikings (8-4) next 4 games would be a huge determination on the Bucs playoffs hopes, as they would need to lose to Detroit (3-8-1), at Chargers (4-8), Green Bay (9-3), and Chicago (7-6), eventually falling to 8-8.

This is a real possibility, according to ESPN, the Bucs are carrying a .531 Strength of Schedule and a .375 Strength of Victory, while the Vikings are .455 (SoS) and .335 (SoV).

Stay tuned as things progress, and in the spirit of competition, above all #GoBucs, and Go Lions, Chargers, Cheesesticks, and Bears.