September 25, 2023

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Party Gronk = Better Football Player?

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Rob Gronkowski is undoubtedly a future Hall of Famer, maybe even on the first ballot that’s eligible to be on. He is one of the best tight ends in NFL history. Not only that, but everyone knows that Gronk also dabbled in the WWE for a little while. He is just an incredible athlete!

Another thing that Gronkowski is well known for is his love for partying and the lavish lifestyle that he lives. In his free time, there have been numerous occasions where Rob has been photographed and recorded by the paparazzi having an absolute ball while partying. Naturally, with his personality, Gronk is someone that a lot of people want to gravitate toward and hang out with.

Rob Gronkowski was recently having a conversation with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show (here), talking about how in certain ways, partying has seemed to make him a better football player. Gronk himself mentions that people told him that he was partying too much. He says, “I just had a good time. I’m from Buffalo, as you can see, the Bills mafia, they’re tailgating, they’re jumping off RVs and breaking tables; that’s how I grew up. We love to have a good time. We love to do crazy things like that.”

Gronk also mentions, “I was telling everyone, it makes me better if I party like I’m a better out on the field. How do I party? I’m carrying my friends through the bar, I’m holding them up, I’m lifting them, I’m curling them, they’re on my back, I’m jumping up and down, and I’m dancing the whole time. I realized that translated to the football field”.

Rob Gronkowski is an intense dude, but the guy knows how to have fun. Partying the way that he does and the way that he describes it, it pretty much doubles as a workout for him. It’s a great way to stay in shape because of the lifting, dancing, and working up a sweat while doing it. He is the kind of guy that anyone would want to have on their team. He’s intense, he can focus when he needs to, but he also knows how to relax, stay calm and have fun.

Because of the way that Gronk explains it, it kind of reminds me of the famous moment and story about Joe Montana and the 49ers during the 1989 Super Bowl against the Bengals. It was a critical, tense moment in the game, the 49ers were down with time running low late in the game. That was when during the inside of the 49ers huddle, Joe Montana was so calm that he was able to look up into the crowd, recognize John Candy, and ask his teammates, “isn’t that John Candy, the actor?” From that moment on, everyone in the huddle was amazed at how calm Montana was in such a critical situation in crunch time of the Super Bowl. That caused everyone else to calm down, and they marched down the field to score the game-winning touchdown.

I can see how Gronk would say his partying would translate to the football field. Sometimes, you have to be able to be serious, but you also have to be able to be calm, cool, and collected, know how to have fun, and stay loose in the middle of an intense situation. Gronk is a great and humble team player. Check out the inter