September 25, 2023

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Does Kyle Trask really have any shot at all?

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Kyle Trask in his first NFL start vs. Atlanta Falcons via

Free agents and trade possibilities

Tom Brady made it official; for real this time. It sounds like he’s hanging them up. With Brady retired and Gabbert a Free agent, that leaves second-round draft choice Kyle Trask as the only quarterback on the team, heading into the 2023 NFL Season under contract. So what are the chances that the Bucs will follow their stated plans for Trask when they drafted him? That’s a tough question! I’ve stated many times that I don’t believe the team is anywhere near fully committed to him. I believe that the team will go out and try and make a grab on the free agent market or try to make a trade for a possible promising backup. Having said that, there is only one backup quarterback out there that I feel has the chance to really be a difference-maker as well as being obtainable. This player’s current team is in the Super Bowl representing the NFC. His name, if you don’t know it already, is Gardner Minshew out of Washington State. Minshew was drafted by the Jaguars in the sixth round of the 2019 NFL Draft. He is currently a Philadelphia Eagle but will be an unrestricted free agent after the big game. Minshew’s college career began at Northwest Mississippi, where his team won the NJCAA National Championship. He transferred to East Carolina for two seasons, but he again; transferred to Washington State for his final season. Minshew set the conference season records for yardage and completions while winning the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award. Minshew is under contract for next season, so the Bucs could have an opportunity to snag him quickly. In my opinion, Minshew is the only viable and worthwhile backup that the Bucs would have a shot at landing. Free Agents like Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, and Teddy Bridgewater are not the long-term answer for Tampa. The best free agent is, in my opinion, Jimmy Garoppolo; however, I don’t believe he would sign with the Bucs, though they may make an attempt at it.

Cerebral and coachable

So back to the question at hand. Does Kyle Trask have any shot at all? The obvious answer would be that as long as he is under contract, there is absolutely a chance. “How good of a chance?” you might ask. In my opinion, not much of one. The Bucs will pursue every possibility on God’s Green Earth before just handing the ball to Trask and letting him truly show what he can do in the regular season, letting the chips fall where they may. This line of thinking is upsetting, to me anyway, because that wasn’t the plan when Jason Licht and Bruce Arians made the selection. I have believed since Trask was throwing 43 touchdowns and breaking Danny Wuerffel’s single-season record in Gainesville that he had the chance to be by far the best NFL quarterback to ever come out of UF (He wouldn’t have to do much to do that). Trask has a track record of playing behind bigger stars and waiting for his time to shine. So far, he has never disappointed in that role. He is a very cerebral quarterback who has always been extremely coachable. I see no reason why that pattern cannot continue here in Tampa. But do the Bucs have any faith in their untested quarterback?

The best possible situation

There is one scenario that could come about that could make all the difference in the world. If the team is smart; they will search for an offensive coordinator that played the quarterback position. A coach that could take Trask under his wing, cultivate, nurture, and develop him through his first years as a starter. A coach who believes in him and his abilities in becoming a leader. Kyle Trask deserves the chance to make or break his career here in Tampa. The Bucs need to go all in with Trask. Hopefully, the team realizes that the recent glory days are over now, and it’s time to move on rebuilding towards another run down the road. Attempting to squeeze out another playoff appearance next season would, in my mind, be a waste of time and opportunity to set the ship on a new course. The longer the team waits to commit to rebuilding, the longer it will take to get that job done. The team and the fan base need to understand that rebuilding is never easy. Players that are very well-liked may need to be moved for draft picks. The salary cap over the next 2 seasons is going to be a depressing reality that is going to hinder immensely. The bill is coming due for the team’s second Lombardi Trophy, and it is a steep one. Here’s to approaching a rebuild differently. A rebuild that is sustainable over a period of time; (aka the Chiefs). A rebuild that starts with Kyle Trask at the center of it all. If he doesn’t pan out, there will be other chances at drafting a quarterback along the way. If this isn’t what the team envisioned when they drafted Trask, then what were their motives? Give the kid the rudder; it’s a new day in Tampa — whether they realize it or not it’s a coming. They can help usher it in; or fall behind, losing valuable time in returning to relevance. Go Bucs!!