September 25, 2023

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It’s time to put Ronde Barber into Canton

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Exclusive Club for only the finest

Buccaneers’ fans believe it deep down into their bones, and why not? For 16 years, they personally watched Ronde Barber pile up stats that no other corner in the history of the NFL had or has ever done. With 45 interceptions and 25 sacks, the 45/25 club, the thing is, he’s the only member. Of the 40/20 club, there is only Ronde and Charles Woodson, five Pro Bowls, three First-Team All-Pro selections, and voted into the All-Decade team of the 2000s. In 2001 Barber led the NFL in interceptions. He also holds the record for the most consecutive starts for a defensive back. Think about those achievements for a minute. Did what no one else has ever done at the position before or since. It’s gotten to the point where if Barber doesn’t get into Canton this season (his 8th attempt), the HOF must be looked at as a fraud, broken, or incomplete by an incompetent manner of electing members. The HOF was created with players exactly like Ronde Barber in mind, period; end of discussion. This isn’t a homer-type situation, but real bonified statistical facts that transcend being a fan of the team and the man. His career speaks for itself. He should have gained entry on his first go around on merit, not favor. Barber nor Bucs fans need pity or feel sorry for intervening on Barber’s behalf. He more than did the work to have earned his own spot and not just be submitted for consideration.

Stats: The Golden Ticket

Many years ago, in the NFL and AFL, and then later when the two became one (NFL), most stats were not recorded in any official ledger or historical log. As time went by, it became convincingly apparent that recording more and more stats from games was the best way to signify greatness with its players. As the league developed, it rode the stats bandwagon more and more. It started using these many varying stats as reasons to receive awards of all types. If you don’t have the stats, you aren’t going to win offensive or defensive MVP league honors. Even the Super Bowl MVP needs some sort of impressive stat/stats to win that game’s award. Player rankings in general, or for fantasy football evaluations and ranks, are mostly based on stats. Impressive ones bring long-term, big-money contracts. Stats determine a college player’s value in the draft. The stats garnered at the Pre-Draft League Combine bolster or belittle their stats earned playing in their college careers. Stats are used to determine contract performance bonuses. I could go on for another paragraph when it comes to stats. My point is that stats are used to judge basically every professional and amateur athlete’s value to his or her sport. The same barometer should also help determine who’s inducted into the Canton Club. Ronde Barber’s stats are above and beyond other same-position players already comfortably enshrined. It doesn’t matter the situation or the number on the down, as in relation to Barber’s worthiness of enshrinement. Situational, etc., type of players should not receive a penalty for doing what the team asks them to do if they have the stats to justify getting in. Barber’s stats are not wish-washy or on any cusp. They are big, bold, and in your face! They scream for attention and prominence. Voters, you must end this injustice. When the rubber hits the road, his stats and who he is as a person on and off the field should determine if he gets in. It’s time to do what should have been done years ago: Put that Gold Jacket on Mr. Barber and welcome him to where he was always meant to be. Go Bucs!!