December 7, 2023

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Mental Breakdowns + Lack of Correct Execution and Intensity = Bucs Football Through Week 6

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[Image Credit: Cliff Welch/ Pewter Report]

We all know that the NFL is the big stage, and some players are just a lot better than everyone else, but for the most part, there isn’t that much that separates the rest. The biggest factor in deciding who does play better out of both groups is usually the Mental aspect of it all. Competitive Mentality and I.Q. is a huge decider in who prevails on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. Preparation during pre-season camps and practices during the regular season go a long way towards mental readiness and actual overall performance on game day. However, those that aren’t ready mentally will make mistakes, and penalties, and drag the team down. Bruce Arians was asked at his Monday press conference about it and had this to say about eliminating errors.

  “Learn how to prepare better. We’re still making way too many mental errors in critical situations.” – Arians

I’ve said in a couple of earlier articles, that winning is mental (allowing that physically you can compete), and that the Bucs do not know how to win, and that is with any consistency. I don’t know for sure if anyone knows (beyond Jones) why RoJo was so bad last year. I don’t pretend to know, but I would bet that it was mental. Jameis Winston, in some games, looks like he’s dialed in, and on fire. As good as almost anyone out there. Then he has games where he just completely melts down and leaves fans bewildered and confused as to how both sides of him can inhabit one mind and body. That is how important, and vital, being mentally prepared, and ready is.

Here is what Arians had to say about the obvious mistakes Jameis Winston is making, with turnovers, and the play of Mike Evans during  Wintson’s first INT of the game in London:

“The biggest thing is holding onto the ball and getting sacked. First of all, you don’t want him to get hurt. When you make one guy miss, or you scramble to the side of the field, and there are no receivers, throw it away. It’s very simple.”  

Concerning Evans, should he have come back to the ball? 

“Totally – he should be two yards wider and coming back to the ball. I’ve had a lot of receivers who only see the corner, stop and think, the ball is coming. This one was a little bit late and outside where he was going to be, so they’re both at fault there – the quarterback and the receiver.” – Arians

Mistakes are being made all over the field, on both sides of the ball, and special teams. BoBo Wilson just got the pink slip for mental errors in catching punts. Shaping the football minds of a team is truly what coaching is all about. So you think, so you are. When this team finally arrives at where it needs to be, their consistent mental makeup in football terms will be drastically different than where it lies today. For us Bucs Fans, it can’t be learned soon enough. Go Bucs!!