December 7, 2023

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Is Winston too far gone?

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[Opinion Editorial] Sunday, was anything but joyful for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Buc faithful who got up extra early on their Sunday to watch their team play division rival in London. The 37-26 loss doesn’t even begin to explain how awful this game was, but it definitely can give you an idea that it was nowhere near a good game. From below mediocre defense, to damn near invisible offensive linemen giving out 7 sacks like it’s free sample day in London, and a quarterback looking like, well, pretty much what we’ve been accustomed to the last 4 years, turnover after turnover.

Go ahead and read the stats and make the argument about him throwing for 400 yards, GREAT! But guess what he failed to do, lead his team to a victory, especially in a divisional game. I will defend him on one aspect, the right side of his line was so brand new, they still had their price tags on them. They definitely didn’t get the memo about blocking the guy wearing 93 in Panther colors. Now, that the excuse it out of the way; let’s address the issue at hand here: The play of famous Jameis. 

 That’s not how you win games

6 freaking turnovers; SIX! How do you expect to win games when you have more turnovers than a London bakery? It’s not going to happen in the NFL. If the last 4 years have taught him anything, it’s that turnovers are literally what cost you games (minus a few missed field goals from crappy kickers and that kid Aguayo). The biggest issue I do have with this new scheme is that while Bruce and Byron are trying to fix Jameis’ play, they have told him to quit running that right there is just stupid. We don’t have a Michael Vick caliber QB, and I respect that, but the guy can move a defense because of his feet. That’s the type of respect he is given as that type of quarterback.

“He has a habit of trying to be Superman, and that’s been a problem in the past” -Bruce Arians in regards to Winston’s ill-fated heroics during this past week’s game in London.

This really speaks volumes for the last 4 years of Jameis in Tampa. So, is it time to move forward from the “franchise” QB, or is there still something to prove? I don’t meaning passing yards wise either, because you can throw for 500 yards in every single game, year after year, and never once win a game. Does that make you elite? Absolutely not, because as a quarterback, you are the first person outside of the coaching staff that is responsible for the team. You are the “Captain of the ship” per se. So far, all Winston has to show for his time is yards, touchdowns, and a WHOLE BUNCH of turnovers. So, should it be time to move forward and see what Ryan Griffin has before the end of the season and there’s a definite decision on whether we need to draft or trade for a QB? I’ll be honest about it too, I think Winston is a good quarterback with special potential, I just don’t feel he is the right fit here in Tampa for what they’re trying to do here. He is too much of a distraction.

Only 2 good things that came out of Sunday are that Baker Mayfield took over the lead from Winston for most INTs in the league, (Baker-11 Winston-10), and the Jets beating the self-proclaimed Super Bowl champs Dallas Cowboys. Hopefully, in 2 weeks, the Bucs can come off their bye week and make a huge jump in the right direction and WIN SOME DAMN GAMES!!!!