December 7, 2023

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Winston Done in Tampa?

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[Opinion Editorial]

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers picked Jameis Winston first overall in the NFL draft. He was to be their franchise QB. Fans know how the story played out.

Winston was anything but a franchise player and was often the reason behind Buccaneers losses. He is unable to protect the football and unable to produce in clutch moments. Winston was a disaster. What frustrated fans the most about Jameis Winston was that there were times he showed that he could be elite if he reached his full potential; even if he didn’t, but at least looked after the ball, then he was still looking at being a top tier QB.

These glimpses of potential were enough to pick up the player’s 5th-year option and have him work under the tutelage of “the QB Whisperer”. The plan was for Winston to play his way into a new contract and prove that he could develop into the franchise QB in Tampa.

What has actually happened through the first 6 weeks of the season is Winston has played himself out of an extension. Proving he cannot be trusted in clutch moments to make plays. Most of his stats coming in garbage time when the other team has stopped trying.

Jameis Winston will become ANOTHER drafted QB by the Buccaneers that doesn’t sign a second contract.

The sad reality is that now the front office and coaches have seen that Winston is not the player they need or want to take the franchise further.

Jameis Winston should be cut from the team during the bye week. It’s not beneficial for the rest of the players to keep Jameis until he’s released at the end of the season, as he would be a likely distraction at this point.

Once again, the search for a franchise QB continues. 1976 and still looking.

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