December 6, 2023

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Stop The Lies!

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[Image Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports]

[Opinion Editorial]

After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers humiliation on the world stage, serious questions need to be asked. The answers need to be honest and not the lies that the coaching staff has been feeding fans through the media. The fans are not stupid! Whilst a credible argument can be made that fans aren’t coaches or see the inside workings of the game, they can see something is clearly wrong.

When asked about the secondary and potential trades and moves, coaches repeatedly replied that the players they had were good, and they were happy with what they had. So, was that a lie, or were the coaches telling the truth, and they are incapable of coaching the players and installing their system? Because being ranked last in the league for passing tells it’s own story.

When teams do run on Todd Bowles’ defense, they can’t without impediment. Being ranked so high against the rush is meaningless because teams don’t have to run on the Bucs when they gain a first down every time they throw the ball!

When asked about the offensive line, the coaches again claimed they liked what they had. Fans have been saying since preseason that the starting 5 might turn out to be a below-average but not terrible line, but the depth is horrible. That line was horrifically exposed against the Saints and Panthers repeatedly.

Is it incompetence that supposedly high-regarded coaches cannot see what the simple fan can see or is it pure lies? Admit the team has problems with the players it has and work to fix those problems. It might buy the staff another year if they admit they’re rebuilding.

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