September 24, 2022

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Pancho Billa: How A Super Fan Should Be

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It was the 2018 draft, and I was in the inner circle, which is awesome, and a place where you get the chance to meet other great fans who love football and love their team as much as you do.

While walking around, I ran into Pancho Billa, real name: Ezra Castro. How I met him is rather funny. When I approach an opposing fan, I’ll usually throw something historic at them pertaining to their team. I said to him: “Your team has come a long way since Joe Ferguson.” He chuckled. A lot of the fans around him had a puzzled look on their faces. New school fans don’t know their history. After I mentioned Ferguson, we proceeded to talk football for a while. He knew a lot about the game and its history as well. Our conversation was enjoyable.

After that, I went on my way. I really had no idea what he was suffering from. He gave no indication of being in pain. He had a great personality, and you’d never know he had cancer and a very bad case of it.

My good friend Cheryl Stewart of What The Buc, who is friends with Ezra, let me know that he had a failed trial treatment and was hoping to get into another one. She also mentioned that he had a tumor show up on his chest during chemo and that his body was producing cancer everywhere.

He was 39 years old. He has a son who is now seven years old and a daughter who is three. He was way too young to pass away. Very sad indeed. Pancho was all about doing great things like charity work and he didn’t do it for the notoriety, but did it for the love of doing good. The world lost a great human. Not only was he a super fan for his team, but he was a super fan to of the people. It’s how we all should be.

I think everyone should live their life the way he did. He was a wonderful person and was wonderful for everyone. He loved his team, loved his family, and was a great father. Rest in peace Ezra! I already know you’re in heaven. Great people like you leave no doubt that you’re there.