August 9, 2022

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The Best Long In The Family?

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Chris Long announced his retirement from the NFL this past week. The 2008 NFL Draft product played for the St. Louis Rams, New England Patriots, and Philadelphia Eagles. Long has been a very productive player during his tenure in the NFL. The defensive end/tackle comes from a long list of NFL players in the Long Family (Howie, Chris, and Kyle). When it comes to Super Bowls Chris has the advantage in the family. He won back to back Super Bowls with the Patriots (’16) and Eagles (’17). Howie Long won with the Los Angeles Raiders (’84). Unfortunately, Kyle Long is still sitting at the kid’s table when it comes to family dinners at the Long household with no championship rings.

During his 11-year career, Chris Long has accomplished several personal and a team accomplishment on the field, but what makes him a man among boys is his work off the field. Long has been a social activist for numerous years, but it became noticeable to the public during his time in New England. After the Patriots won the Super Bowl for the 2016 NFL season Long decided to skip the traditional trip to visit the President at the White House. Why would he do this many would ask? Well, Chris Long is the founder of the Waterboys Foundation. This foundation travels the world to build wells in third world countries that don’t have access to clean water. After the 2016 season, Long would move on from the Patriots and sign with Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles defensive end would not stop helping his fellow man. In the 2017 NFL Season Long donated his first six game checks to help fund scholarships in his hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia. As if this wasn’t good enough Long decided to donate his final ten checks to help fund the Pledge 10 for Tomorrow program. This program helps to increase educational equality and opportunity. The NFL awarded Long the Walter Payton: Man of the Year Award. In 2017, Long made the controversial move by becoming the first white player to step forward and support the protest efforts by Malcolm Jenkins and Company. As they knelt, Chris Long placed his arm around his teammate while Jenkins raised his fist during NFL pregame ceremonies. Regardless of where you stand on the controversial topics, one thing is clear Chris Long used the NFL as a platform to make life better for everyone, not just himself. So from everyone at All Things Bucs and Bucs Life News, we wish you a Happy Retirement, and Thank You for everything you’ve done.