June 1, 2023

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Bruce Arians is Keeping His Mouth in Check

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Bucs head coach Bruce Arians - Photo by: Mark Cook/PR

It sounds like Bruce Arians has learned to watch his mouth on the field, which is good because although we as Bucs fans like a coach with a lot of passion and tenacity, we also like a coach who knows how to control himself. The Bucs certainly don’t need any penalties called on the sideline for unsportsmanlike conduct.

When Bucs O.C. Byron Leftwich recently spoke with the media, they asked him about how Arians is different now than in the past, he replied, “He actually cusses less now than he ever did back then. You had to hear it back then, back then it was crazy. There was no governor on B.A. back then. He really said whatever, but now he’s a head coach now so he knows how to stand in front of you guys. As you could see last year, I think he got reprimanded or something for cussing on TV. I don’t know how they thought that was going to go 16 weeks without having it.”

I’m sure it would have been interesting to be a fly on the wall back then, as well as now to get a first-hand look at the difference.

It’s good to know that Arians has better learned how to watch his mouth. Sometimes, there are much better ways to motivate a player or to reprimand a player than by cussing him out.

I’m excited to watch Arians stalk the sideline for the Bucs. We have a good coach who is a real mature adult, with a track record of success, and a coach who certainly knows how to get the most out of his players. Go Bucs!