March 21, 2023

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Ten Big Questions For The Buccaneers 44th Season

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No shortage of questions:

As is normal in these parts, this time of year. There is no shortage of head-scratchers surrounding the Boys that go to work at 4201 N. Dale Mabry as well as the Lion Tamers, Bearded Ladies, and Jugglers that do their best to run this Circus. There are so many, but I will do my best to list the most serious of them. I will list some sub-questions as well that tie in. So here we go.

10. Will Gerald McCoy raise his level of play to what it once was this year? He has been training hard with a private trainer he’s used before in San Diego this offseason. It has been said that he is much more devoted and intense this offseason. With JPP probably gone, I sure hope so.

9. Can O.J. Howard, and Vernon Hargreaves play 15-16 games in 2019? It’s no secret these two so far have had big trouble staying off the IR. If Howard is able to, he should be in for a very big year. Todd Bowles Corners will be playing press coverage. This is the same Defense that VH3 played at UF and got himself drafted so high. Will he pick up where he left off in the Saints game last year that he was hurt in? Having a batted down ball, forcing a fumble that was returned for 6, and 7 tackles.

8. Will Anthony Nelson, who comes in at 6’7″, and 271 lbs from Iowa. About the same physical stats as JPP, Will he be able to make the leap to starter in his rookie year? With JPP probably gone, it’s a tall order, but not impossible by any means. He was second in the Big Ten last year in sacks with 9.5 and picked up 2 more in their Bowl Game. He was also 2nd on the team in tackles for a loss with 13.5. He’s not all brawn though. Nelson was a three-year Academic All-Big Ten, and an Academic All American his last two years. He won Iowa’s Hustle Award his Senior year and was Big Ten Defensive Player Of The Week twice last year. Jason Licht has said that he will even be played at Outside Linebacker some as well as inside rush. He might just have what it takes to do it.

7. Will Devin White be the Derrick Brooks 2.0 that some have described him as and become the captain and leader that he has shown he can be? He does it all well. He was recruited as a Running Back to LSU. That should give you an idea of his speed. He’s got the size to go with that too. How will the rest of the draft class and UDFA turn out, and how many will contribute? This should be fun to watch.

6. How well will the O-Line block for Peyton Barber, RoJo, and the rest, and will the RBs show, that they are better than most believe?

5. This being Winston’s last hurrah in Tampa.  Many may wonder why it is, that the Boys over at One Buck didn’t get help for an aging Left Tackle in D. Smith?  A player that was often overwhelmed last season!  An Offensive Line (Offense) that was ranked 19th in the Red Zone in 2018. No help for Winston, and Barber. They get exactly the same Line that they had last year. So question is: Can Arians and Leftwich get more out of this line and get them to play better? They must be certain that they can, because they took a kicker in the draft and no O-Linemen, and already had a kicker. For a year where so much is riding on the line to help Winston be all he can be so as not to be labeled a Complete Busted Overall #1.  In my opinion, It’s almost criminal that not one thing was done, to offer help to our starters. I’m not counting UDFA, they are an afterthought, and won’t start a down in 2019. Make me a Believer Bruce Almighty!!!!!

4. Will Jason Pierre Paul play at any point in 2019? Will he play in 2020? Or is his career over?

3. Will Arians Offense, and Bowles Defense be all that we Bucs Fans are praying for?

2. Will Arians have another successful chapter of QB whispering? Will he and Leftwich be able to fix what’s wrong with Winston, and get him to play to his potential?

1. And the number one Question in all Bucs Fans minds for this 44th edition of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Will the #1 overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft be able to overcome himself, and the obstacles that stand before him in 2019? Will, he finally reach his potential and get himself a fat new contract here in Tampa, or will he be packing his crap and leaving town? Will he save Jason Licht’s rear end. Finally making him look like he knew what he was doing all along? These and more questions will be answered in 2019. I myself can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.