December 7, 2023

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Grimes’ Free Agency Wilderness!

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Free agency has come and gone, the majority of big names have new homes. The draft has been and gone and undrafted players have been signed up.

Teams with major concerns have addressed those and hope they found the right formula.

Yet one former Buccaneer still languishes in the available free agency pool. His career likely over.

Whom do I speak of?

Why Brent Grimes of course!

Previously one of the best outside corners in the NFL. His passion and athleticism were unmatched at times and this allowed Grimes to match up against some of the best receivers in the game. So why is he still waiting on the call?

Whilst plenty of teams need secondary help or a veteran presence, the answer is actually easy.

When any GM considers signing a player they do some quick math.

X is the value of the player’s contract

Y is the level of play provided by that player

These figures are added together and then

Z is the score given to any baggage or issues that come with that player

If the scores given to X and Y are greater than Z, the player is more agreeable to the team.

Unfortunately for Brent Grimes the first two of X and Y are already negative. Throw in Z and you have a player who showed a lack of class at the end of his last contract with his previous team and a huge distraction in the shape of Miko Grimes.

Both have seemingly conspired to end Brent’s NFL career by trash talking everyone around them when simple dignity would have prevailed.